Review: CINEMA 4D R11, Part 1: The Core from MAXON

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CINEMA 4D R11 – Part 1: The Core is the first of a multi-part series covering MAXON’s new CINEMA 4D Release 11’s offerings. Because this product has so many items available for the user, that I could not do it justice in a single write-up, and so I will break […]

Digital Arts reviews Cinema 4D R11

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Cinema 4D can be found in many VFX studios serving the TV industry, so that market will welcome the tighter integration of Projection Man, the high-end matte-painting toolset in Cinema 4D R11. Although this has been available since version 9.5 as part of a bundle aimed at film studios, it’s now […]

Cinema 4D R11 (includes BodyPaint 3D R4) Now Shipping!

Cinema 4D R11 (includes BodyPaint 3D R4) is available at an academic price of $195.

Office Pro 2007 Academic Special $109 and Cinema 4D R11 Shipping Soon!

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A 3-D look down the RabbitHole

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Filmmaker James Cameron (“Titanic”) has dubbed the new technology “the Holy Grail of advertising.” Eric Miller, a digital artist and the director of online training for the Gnomon School of Visual Effects notes, “A new medium for artists to explore doesn’t come along very often, and this is one that really […]

Layering Techniques with Photoshop and Cinema 4D

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Anthony Hurd uses simple structures, basic textures, and plenty of copying and pasting in Photoshop before adding a little 3D magic to create this scenic forest in the sky. Discover how he does it with this easy-to-follow tutorial.

In addition to the simple textured elements you will create in Photoshop, […]

Cineversity Hits 1,000 Tutorial Milestone!

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Newbury Park, CA – April 9, 2008 – MAXON Computer, a leading developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions, today announced that there are now over 1,000 tutorials available on its online education and training resource, Cineversity. This major milestone underscores MAXON’s commitment to helping artists maximize their creative […]

Adobe-Maxon Power Integration Tour 2

Adobe-Maxon Power Integration Tour 2

This tour is all about Two Powerhouse Packages – One Dynamic Workflow.

The Power Integration Tour demonstrates how you can enjoy increased speed and efficiency in your production pipeline by combining the power of Adobe CS3 Production Premium and MAXON CINEMA 4D. The Adobe/MAXON workflow is the proven choice […]

MacBook Air: Photoshop and Cinema 4D Benchmarks

MacBook Air: First Lab Tests

For this first set of tests, we used a default-configuration MacBook Air powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a 4200 rpm, 1.8-inch 80GB parallel ATA hard drive. The MacBook Air’s processor clock speed lags well behind current MacBook (2.0GHz or 2.2GHz) and MacBook Pro (2.2GHz, […]

Service updates available for CINEMA 4D R10 and BodyPaint 3D R3

New Service Update for CINEMA 4D R10.x available The Update to R10.111 addresses several problems, that have arisen in several areas of the software. The update is free of charge for all owners of CINEMA 4D R10.x and recommended for all users. Among other things, the following issues have been addressed:

Graphics tablet support […]