Telestream Wirecast Pro 4.0 Review

Link via Sound & Video Contractor

Wirecast’s performance will definitely scale well with faster computers. For example, I tested Wirecast on a Hewlett Packard 8740w mobile workstation with a 2.0 GHz four-core i7 processor (8-cores with hyper-threading enabled), which was able to produce three streams (640×480 at 732kbps, 480×360 at 432kbps and 320×240 at 232kbps) […]

ScreenFlow 2 Review from Macworld

Link via MacWorld

ScreenFlow 2.0 is a big step forward for the screen recording application. The addition of transitions, freeze frames, clip speed adjustments, audio ducking, and basic color adjustment tools really make ScreenFlow an all-in-one solution. It’s now something that I could use for an entire project from start to finish, instead of exporting […]

Review: ScreenFlow

Link via Digital Web Magazine

The coolest thing about ScreenFlow is it lets you record your screen, and combine it with your Mac’s built-in iSight camera and microphone. Your screen capture is placed on one layer, and your iChat window is placed in another layer.

So you get a picture-in-picture effect, where viewers can see […]

one step until brilliant: ScreenFlow

Link via Lessig Blog

But I’m now very hopeful utopia has been found. ScreenFlow is an elegant and powerful program that captures a presentation and synchronizes it flawlessly. It even has post-production editing built in. And while I’ve hit some flakiness with long presentations (I’m a lawyer, what do you expect?) with media (genuine flakiness […]