Get Fruity with FL Studio

Get Fruity with FL Studio via The Anchor

Akai MPC2000XL. E-mu SP-1200. These are the electronic drum machines used to create the majority of classic Hip-Hop records from the late ’80s to mid-’90s, which is considered as the genre’s “golden era.” Many aspiring producers of the new millennium felt pressured to use the same production equipment as the legends that came before them, blindly following tradition instead of advancing with the times. Legends that used the aforementioned drum machines did so out of last resort, as the drum machines were more cost effective than hourly instrument lessons. But in 2009, we’re fortunate enough to have a cheaper alternative with just as much musical potential: FL Studio, formerly known as FruityLoops.

FL Studio 8 Producer is available at an academic discount price of $119.

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