Cinema 4D R11 Engineering Edition Now Shipping!

Link via Creation Engine

Cinema 4D R11 Engineering Edition The CINEMA 4D Engineering Edition’s simplified interface and extensive libraries make it easy to use. Simply load your CAD object using one of the over 20 supported file formats, select a material and an environment and the CINEMA 4D Engineering Edition has all it needs for a quality, high-end rendering. Animations can also be created with just a few clicks of the mouse and rendered very quickly, thanks to CINEMA 4D’s outstanding render engine.

The Engineering Edition consists of CINEMA 4D, the Sketch & Toon module, a 3-seat NET Render license and the Engineering Extension Kit.

– Import More Than 20 CAD File Fomats
– More Than 200 Materials Make Your Objects Shine
– 10 Predefined Environment Scenes for Fast, Great-Looking Results
– Extremely Fast Rendering
– Easy to Learn and Easy to Use
– Photo-Realistic Images and Animations
– Sketched Look With Dozens of Variantions

Cinema 4D R11 Engineering Edition is available at an education discount price of $295 (Art; 3-year license) or $495 (Non-Art; 3-year license).

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