CINEMA 4D Wins 7th Macworld/MacUser Best 3D App Award

Link via MAXON

In handing CINEMA 4D a third Macworld award, the magazine drew attention to CINEMA 4D’s leading support for the Macintosh platform, full range of features, and arguably the app’s greatest weapon: its superior ease of use.

Macworld said: “CINEMA 4D is now a fully cocoa-native app and one of the few apps available that can take full advantage of Apple’s 64-bit operating system. This allows you to render hugely complicated scenes in a single pass and we must say that it works well without a hint of drama.”

“Not forgetting that CINEMA 4D still boasts the awesome MoGraph module, a feature-packed character animation toolset, and hair and cloth simulation, we doubt that there’s an easier-to-use, better-integrated and feature-rich 3D toolset out there.”

Cinema 4D R11 (includes BodyPaint 3D R4) is available at an academic discount price of $195.

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