Adobe Creative Suite 5.5: Not just a dot release

Link via Adobe Edge

It’s clear that several things will change in the near term:

  • How content is created for devices
  • How devices are used in the creation process
  • How content is delivered and monetized

Put simply, everyone wants better ways to build content for these devices, and they want to start looking for new ways to monetize the content they build.

Adobe plays an important role here, and we have realized that our historical 18-month release cycles are not going to be sufficient to address these rapidly evolving trends. So Adobe decided to ship major milestone releases of Adobe Creative Suite software approximately every two years, with mid-cycle releases that incorporate the most critical features customers need in the interim years. The first mid-cycle release is Creative Suite 5.5, and it addresses these challenges.

All Adobe CS5.5 Student & Teacher Edition and Education/Non-Profit Edition Products Now Shipping!

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