Snap Art 3 Now Shipping!

Snap Art 3Snap Art 3 Now Shipping!

Educational Discount Price $129.95

Snap Art 3 is a natural media plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. With a single click, turn your photos into gorgeous artwork in a wide range of styles, including oil paint, pencil sketch, and even crayon. The hassles of buying a tablet, taking classes and learning complicated software are over, because Snap Art expertly places thousands of brush strokes for you. Refined stroke placement in version 3 gives the effects a more natural look.

The most significant new features in Snap Art 3 are:

  • more refined stroke placement, making the subject natural and recognizable.
  • new detail mask lets you quickly mark areas where you want the subject to be clearer.
  • compatible with Lightroom.

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