View SketchUp models and designs on your tablet or phone

Link via SightSpace 3D

SightSpace® 3D is a powerful tool for viewing models and designs created in SketchUp, the Trimble 3D Warehouse, and Google Earth (all in .KMZ format). Interact with your model in the real world and virtually walk through it by aiming your device with the Augmented Reality* feature. Available on Apple®, Android™ and Kindle Fire. Accurately display your designs on-site, annotate models on-the-go, bookmark views, take screenshots, and share notes and photos.

Trimble SketchUp 8 is free.

Trimble SketchUp Pro 8 is available at a student discount price of $49.

Trimble SketchUp Pro 8 is free for instructors.

Trimble SketchUp Pro 8 Lab licenses are available at a school discount price of $15.

Trimble SketchUp Pro 8 Laptop Licenses

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