Adobe Creative Cloud for Education & Nonprofits – CLP Upgrade Special

Adobe Education Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) customers may qualify for significant savings over a two-year period when purchasing Creative Cloud through the Value Incentive Plan (VIP) – now includes CLP-1 customers until May 29, 2015.

Adobe Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) level 1, 2 and 3 customers qualify for savings over a two-year period when purchasing Creative Cloud through the Value Incentive Plan (VIP). Limited-time offer ends May 29, 2015!
• Adobe CLP-1 customers receive VIP Level 2
• Adobe CLP-2 customers receive VIP Level 3
• Adobe CLP-3 customers receive VIP Level 4
• All other customers receive VIP Level 1 through 4 pricing based on individual purchase volume.

Please contact for details.

Creative Cloud for Education & Nonprofits
Creative Cloud for Education Licenses are available for purchase by Colleges/Universities, K-12 Schools, and Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Organizations. Give your students, educators, and staff access to the world’s best apps for design, web, video, and photography — plus the latest features and innovations as soon as they’re released.

Creative Cloud Device Licenses are designed for a classroom/school lab setting. A Device License is the only way to allow multiple users on a single computer without having to log-in or authenticate license ownership. Licenses for each computer, rather than each user, with rights to install on one computer per license.

Creative Cloud Named User Licenses are intended for small work groups and departments. Each Named User License is granted to each user rather than the device. A Named User License allows the user to install the software on a second computer, as long as the second installation is for the use of the same person and not used simultaneously.

Find a licensing option that fits your needs.
Creative Cloud Options for Education & Nonprofits

K-12 schools may save more on Creative Cloud applications through an Adobe Education Enterprise Agreement
The Adobe Education Enterprise Agreement (EEA) program is a one- or two-year term-based licensing program for K-12 schools or district owned or leased computers. K-12 organizations may enroll in EEA and be covered as a single school site or under a school district, based on the full-time equivalent (FTE) coverage of qualified faculty and staff. View EEA Pricing and Information

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