Maya and LightWave bring to life the new Terminator

Maya and LightWave bring to life the new Terminator

Terminator T-888

“Being a designer/visual effects supervisor, I was designing like a good engineer designs in terms of the economy of later for when I actually had to build this thing. We did build an extremely articulate, expressionistic, emoting Terminator. It’s a very complicated Maya model that we animated, but we downshifted and translated it into LightWave so it’s more usable for TV. We can put him it as many scenes as we want to. We spent a lot of time modeling and texturing it so it was a very series friendly character. To my great joy, it makes quite a few appearances in the series, so it’s not like we are holding back and just teasing the audience. It’s something we use a lot. Even though it’s a hell of a thing to render it is series friendly and that stems from its design. And the interesting thing is that it’s a completely spherical object, where you can into it through its mouth and into its chest so all of that had to have detail.”

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