Toon Boom Studio 8 Now Shipping!

Toon Boom Studio 8 – Academic Price $139.95

Make it happen with Toon Boom Studio, an easy-to-use animation software that’s ideal for animation fans, students, teachers and hobbyists. It’s the tool of choice for creating your own movies and cartoons. It’s easy-to-use and packed with a multi-technique animation engine. Don’t settle for less! With […]

Toon Boom Animate 3

Toon Boom Animate 3 – Academic Price $369.95 Toon Boom Animate is the ideal software for paperless, frame-by-frame animation. Whether it’s your first time using animation technology, or if you’re a professional looking for a new solution, you can learn Animate in no time. Benefit from the robust, Emmy Award-winning code base, and achieve professional […]

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 4 Now Shipping!

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 4 $674.99 Toon Boom Storyboard Pro is the tool of choice for planning games, live action and animation projects.

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro is the artist’s tool of choice for creating storyboards digitally. Storyboard Pro was developed with seasoned storyboard artists to significantly speed up the production and revision process, and […]

Toon Boom Studio 7 Now Shipping!

Toon Boom Studio 7 $139.95 Toon Boom Studio 7 offers a unique multi-faceted tool with enormous educational possibilities for all subjects where dynamic visual illustrations support learning and retention of educational subjects.


Toon Boom Animate 2 Review

Link via Digital Arts

Beyond the usual performance enhancements and bug fixes, the primary new features of version 2 include the smart puppet feature which supports forward and inverse kinematics, making it easier to animate a complete character than before. Lip syncing is also available, with an automatic phoneme recognition tool – useful for quick […]

Toon Boom Studio 6 Now Shipping!

Toon Boom Studio 6 Educational Discount Price $149 boxed / $136 download This new version of Toon Boom Studio expands its animation capabilities even further with its bone rigging features. Studio 6 serves as the most complete launch pad for learning and creating animation, whether at home or in the classroom.


Making Animated Cartoons With Toon Boom Animate Pro

Link via The Epoch Times

I haven’t wanted to make cartoons since I was a kid, but after spending a couple weeks with Animate Pro from Toon Boom, I’m inspired to try it again.

As the name suggests, Toon Boom specializes in software for making cartoons and animations. The company has a fairly large range […]

MacWorld reviews Toon Boom Studio 5

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So many artists today want to venture into the animation world but either don’t have the hand-drawing artistic capabilities or the time and resources to learn 3-D animation. Many of us have tried our hand at stop-motion with in-camera techniques or perhaps clever editing. Toon Boom Studio 5 however offers infinite possibilities […]

Storyboard Pro Review

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I’ve been a storyboard artist for the past 25 years mostly in animation series work and have been using Toon Boom Storyboard Pro for the last two years. I am very satisfied with results.

I have no financial interest in Toon Boom, but I feel every board […]

Toon Boom Animate Review

Link via Digital Arts

While not in the price range of Toonz or Animo, Animate is still an expensive option for a new animator. If they don’t need tools like IK or integrated FLV export, there’s no urgent need for TBS users to upgrade.

However, if you’re a traditional animator who still hasn’t gone digital, […]