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Finale vs. Sibelius

Composers seem to be about evenly divided between the two major notation packages, although I always steer first-timers to Sibelius. Despite Finale’s massive improvements, Sibelius remains easier to learn. Both applications produce beautiful printed scores, can generate parts automatically, and in general make a musician’s life easier.

And they have put an end to the worst aspect of performing new music: players have been liberated from deciphering a composer’s handwritten manuscript. Some composers were careful autographers, but many weren’t, and among my most painful memories of the pre-digital era was trying to squint may way through a careless composer’s chicken-scratching. This may not have improved the overall quality of new-music performances measurably, but it certainly has done away with at least one needless aggravation.

Finale 2009 is available at an academic discount price of $252.

Sibelius 5 is available at an academic discount price of $249

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