Cinema 4D R11 Review

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The hot new enhancements in Release 11 are a totally reworked GI (Global Illumination) engine. Not only is GI rendering much improved with better quality and flicker free animations, rendering without GI is significantly quicker as well and things like glass render more accurately. NLA (Non linear animation) and Animation Layers are introduced in the Timeline. CINEMA 4D now has Collada import and export. BodyPaint has had lots of painting enhancements like supporting Photoshop brush presets. There is a new Doodle screen collaboration / annotation tool. Support for Windows Vista is much better. CINEMA 4D now has automatic on-line checking and installation of updates. There are lot’s of other minor enhancements plus a lot of bugs have been squashed.

Cinema 4D R11 (includes BodyPaint 3D R4) is available at an academic discount price of $195.

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