MicroFilmmaker reviews modo 401

Link via MicroFilmmaker Magazine

modo 401The level of polish I commented on in my previous review of modo 302 continues to improve with the latest release. Luxology continues to add carefully crafted feature sets and capabilities to its flagship modo 401. For Microfilmmakers requiring photorealism for environments or adding objects to existing footage, modo 401’s improved real-time rendering, new replicators for creating duplicate objects effortlessly, hair/fur and new animation features are a welcome expansion. Combine those with a stellar final rendering capability and modifying your personal reality has never been easier.

If you think you’ll be using green/blue screen shots and dropping in believable environments of your own creation, modo may be an ideal fit.

modo 401 Mac/Windows 1-year license (download version) is available at an education discount price of $139.

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