Software Review: Vue 8 Infinite

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Vue 8 InfiniteE-On software’s Vue 8 is the latest update to the line of Vue solutions for natural 3D environments. There are seven versions of Vue. Pioneer is the entry level version for newcomers to 3D graphics. Frontier is the next level for creating scenes with Poser import. Esprit is designed for artists and illustrators. Studio is geared for the advanced artist, and Complete is for the small studio. Vue Infinite is designed for the professional 3D animator and production studio. Vue xStream is the integrated solution that can work directly in other 3D applications such as Maya, 3ds, Lightwave, Softimage, and Cinema 4D. To see all of the differences, you can check out the different solutions provide.

As with the prior version, Vue 8 Infinite is nothing short of incredible! At first blush, one might look at this product and say that this is really only useful for animation and film production, but that would not be taking into account all of the other industries that could benefit from its use.

For example, if you are a builder, architect, landscape designer, or other professional that needs to emulate an environment, Vue 8 is the perfect application to model your design and/or prototype as a proof of concept design. If you are in advertising, what better way to provide backgrounds and other layout art without having to go on location or pay a high-dollar firm to do equivalent work. The uses are endless.

Vue 8 Infinite DVD (1-year license) Mac/Windows is available at an educational discount price of $99

Vue 8 xStream DVD (1-year license) Mac/Windows is available at an educational discount price of $149.

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