Adobe CS5: 64-bit, CUDA-Accelerated, And Threaded Performance : How Should You Accelerate Adobe?

Link via Tom’s Hardware

Creative Suite 5 Production PremiumOur original question was how best to accelerate Adobe’s Creative Suite. In After Effects, the move from CS4 to CS5 was a clear win, while scaling from four cores to six offered surprisingly little benefit. Photoshop CS5 is likewise mushy on its core scaling benefits, but if you can land a plug-in that supports CUDA, baby, hold on—the improvement is massive. Most of all, Premiere Pro performs exactly as we’d expect. The video editor scales well as threads increase, improves with Hyper-Threading, makes good use of the jump to CS5, and runs CUDA like nobody’s business in the Mercury Playback Engine. If Premiere Pro is your life, it’ll make good use of every improvement you can throw at it.

After Effects CS5, Premiere Pro CS5, and Photoshop CS5 Extended are all included in Creative Suite 5 Production Premium for Students & Teachers for $448 .

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