Build-Your-Own “Ultimate” Adobe Photoshop CS6 PC

Link via ZDNet

Without a doubt, the single most-requested feature here on Hardware 2.0 in the ‘Build-Your-Own PC’ category is for an “Ultimate” Photoshop system. Now that Adobe has officially launched Photoshop CS6, it’s time to take a look at this new release and prepare a hardware package that does it justice.

It seems that the reason why people are interested in the hardware specifics for a PC with Photoshop is because it’s a big, heavy application that, when pushed even modestly, can bring even a high-end system to its knees. Even small bottlenecks in performance can mean a lot of time spent twiddling your thumbs while the program chunters through a task. There’s no doubt that the better your hardware, the better your Photoshop experience will be.

Well, here it is, a guide to building your “Ultimate” Photoshop CS6 system.

Photoshop CS6 Extended Student & Teacher is available at an educational discount price of $248.95.

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