Create a Cinemagraph (or Cinegraph) Using Photoshop CS6

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Cinemagraphs or Cinegraphs are photos that also include movement. They are hybrid images that are eye-catching and unique. Thanks to the new Timeline features in Photoshop CS6, it is really easy to create your own cinemagraphs. In this tutorial, we will show you how. Let’s get started!

Photoshop CS6 Extended Student […]

Build-Your-Own “Ultimate” Adobe Photoshop CS6 PC

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Without a doubt, the single most-requested feature here on Hardware 2.0 in the ‘Build-Your-Own PC’ category is for an “Ultimate” Photoshop system. Now that Adobe has officially launched Photoshop CS6, it’s time to take a look at this new release and prepare a hardware package that does it justice.

It seems that […]

Configuring Photoshop for optimal performance

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Over the years, one of the most frequent questions I hear as an instructor is “Why is Photoshop running so slow? I have a lot of RAM and a new computer.” What many users do not realize is that Photoshop performance (as well as the performance of most Adobe applications) can […]

CINEMA 4D R13 Character Rigging & Animation Tutorial

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Download the tutorial files:

Brian Horgan – – shows how to use CINEMA 4D Studio R13 to: rig a simple character using the new Character Builder; paint weights on the character; create a simple walk cycle for the rigged character using the new CMotion system in R13; pipe deformations […]

Using Photoshop to create an Avatar Inspired Matte Painting of Pandora

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The artworks from Avatar and the visual effects from the film were largely considered some of the highest quality and innovative artworks seen in film up until that point, perhaps rivaled only by Star Wars in terms of their ingenuity and use of new techniques for visual effects. The world […]

Basic image editing with Adobe Photoshop CS5

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I’m not a professional photographer, and I have no aspirations to be. Like many people, I use my phone for the majority of the shots I take. That’s what inspired me to write this article on basic image editing. We all experience similar problems with our photos, and for those […]

Tiny Italy & Tiny Paris with onOne FocalPoint

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Even better than actually having to use the tilt lens is the ability to create the exact same look in Focal Point. I revisited some of my landscapes from Italy and Paris using this technique. Here are my results from converting them to tiny landscapes in Focal Point.

onOne Focal […]

Photoshop Makes Something out of Nothing

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The new tool is called content aware fill. What it does is to allow you to remove an unwanted element from a photo and to automatically fill the spot with a background that matches the rest of the photo.

The surprise, though, is that the program is not just capable of […]

Optimizing a FileMaker database for iPad or iPhone

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The three visual items that are different between Mac, Windows, iPad, and iPhone are the available pixels on the screen, the status toolbar height, and click accuracy. Combined, these work together to determine how well the solution integrates with a human. In a desktop app, you can pack in a very large […]

3D animation in Adobe Photoshop

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When Adobe discontinued ImageReady, the animation capabilities were integrated into Photoshop, which gave Photoshop more power and gave users a better workflow to create both graphics and animation in one application instead of two.

By adding 3D capabilities to the animation features, Adobe has significantly improved the Photoshop feature set […]