Optimizing a FileMaker database for iPad or iPhone

Link via ITworld

FileMaker Pro 11The three visual items that are different between Mac, Windows, iPad, and iPhone are the available pixels on the screen, the status toolbar height, and click accuracy. Combined, these work together to determine how well the solution integrates with a human. In a desktop app, you can pack in a very large number of objects on the screen and have the solution work well since people are very accurate when they click with a mouse. This makes Mac and Windows very similar except that the status toolbar heights differ slightly and the Windows application window uses some additional space. On iOS, the toolbar takes 44 pixels (34 pixels on iPhone in landscape mode) from the bottom of the screen if it is visible. While the toolbar takes up additional space it’s a good idea to keep it visible so users can easily navigate layouts and records as well as add, duplicate, omit, sort, or find records. Even more important, click accuracy is lower because people’s fingers are much larger than a computer mouse arrow. This means your fields, buttons, and other objects must be larger to reduce accidental clicking of the wrong object.

FileMaker Pro 11 Education/Nonprofit Edition Mac/Windows is available for $179.95

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