Snagit 10 Improves on a Great Capture Program

Link via PCWorld

Users of Snagit’s version 9 may well have wondered what else could be stuffed into a screen capture program already filled with so many features. Version 10 shows there’s plenty more–and they’re important tools, not just filler to make it look as if there’s reason to upgrade. The changes weren’t as drastic […]

PersonalBrain Mindmapper May Be the Closest Thing to an Extra Brain

Link via PCWorld

PersonalBrain (available in a Free Edition, as well as paid editions) is quite possibly most intuitive mind mapping utility on the planet. Beyond that, its user interface looks like something that came straight out of Star Trek, making it the nerdily coolest-looking mind mapping tool I’ve seen.

The primary unit of organization […]

Ars reviews Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

Link via ars technica

It’s truly impressive that Photoshop CS5 is successful at adding a lot of useful, engineering-heavy features in CS5, all while porting over to a new and stable Cocoa 64-bit code-base on OS X. And it’s encouraging to see that a program that has no real competitors isn’t just being phoned in. […]

Adobe’s new Photoshop: Worth the upgrade

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Photoshop has several outstanding new features — it’s probably worth the price of the upgrade just for the new Content Aware Fill tool, the 64-bit boost and the improvements to Camera RAW — but what really sells this release is amount of time it promises to save you.

Among our favorites workflow […]

SketchUp included in The Best Design Tools for Improving Your Home

Link via Lifehacker

If you’ve got the time to invest, Google’s SketchUp definitely pays you back with precision and customization. In SketchUp, you won’t run into something, like a custom-hung shelf, that’s hard to replicate in ready-to-roll, web-based tools.

Strengths: It’s got many of the same 3D and solid object design powers as the commercial […]

Five FileMaker Pro 11 Reviews

‘FileMaker 11 also puts many cool database tricks within the reach of ordinary users.’ – MacWorld

PC MAG on ‘FileMaker Pro 11: New Features for Easy Database Design’

New FileMaker Pro 11 ‘will bring a smile to your face’ – Washington Times

‘FileMaker 11 is the best version of FileMaker ever.’ — MACWORLD UK

‘New […]

Gizmodo reviews Wacom Intuos4 Wireless

Link via Gizmodo

The Wacom Intuos4 was quite a leap from the Intuos3. It doubled the pressure sensitive levels, and it added multifunction Touch Ring trackpad, on-screen radial menus, and eight user-definable buttons with OLED tags—called ExpressKeys—in a thin, ultralight 2.2-pound package. The Wacom Intuos4 Wireless has all those characteristics, and they work equally as […]

VRay for Sketchup now Available!

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ASGVIS has now officially released the new VRay for Sketchup for both Mac & PC’s, including new support for ambient occlusion, IES lights, and improved parsing times.  This is also the first official version that runs natively in the Mac OSX environment.

Here’s what our beta testers are saying about the new […]

Google SketchUp 7.1 review

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Creating 3D models can be baffling for beginners. Like any family of applications, from word processors to image editors, 3D modelling tools have their own shared features, toolsets and formats that must be learned first.

That’s why Google Sketchup is such a superb introduction to 3D. It’s about as simple as 3D […]

Software Review: Vue 8 Infinite

Link via Blogcritics Sci/Tech

E-On software’s Vue 8 is the latest update to the line of Vue solutions for natural 3D environments. There are seven versions of Vue. Pioneer is the entry level version for newcomers to 3D graphics. Frontier is the next level for creating scenes with Poser import. Esprit is designed for artists […]